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About Us

Webmitra, a small firm started without an aim in 2007 in the digital service industry . Still looking for its aim, webmitra has worked with more than 250+ wishers including individuals, corporates, industries, street vendors, common people and freelancers. The best part of the journey is webmitra succeeded in winning trust of 55% of wishers and the supreme part of journey includes those 45% whom webmitra not able to satisfy their needs and even not able to win their faith.

We welcome criticism in equal manner along with good words, believing that atleast webmitra is in the talk of the people as a service provider and we get motivated in any case.

Webmitra as the name depicts is a friend of every common person of IT or Non IT. We are not the best but we are also not worst, so we try to solve any kind of issues related to digital world to our friends (wishers or anyone) who approach us as per the overall knowledge gain by us. The biggest profit of our journey is the knowledge we had learned from all the wishers and persons indulged in varied fields and activities. We salute those friends who had deliverd immense knowledge to us.

Webmitra were dealing in website development, software development and CCTV. Now webmitra has moved a step further and added Digital Marketing in its portfolio. Although we are late comers but we are thankful to our wishers who had chosen us as their digital marketers as soon as receiving the information. Now you think what you want to reward us !!! CRITICISM or APPRAISAL!!!!!!.

To examine in any case you have to approach and select us for the services required for your business. We are waiting for your CALL, SMS, EMAIL or MEETING to fulfil your Digital requirements like Website Design and Development, Software Development and Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing

As the world is moving and developing, marketing too has given birth to its new son ie.. Digital Marketing or Online Marketing. We all are aware of its elder brother ie. Traditional Marketing or offline Marketing which is the evergreen and best way to market any business or product. No one can deny the fact that print media like visiting cards, brochures, pamphlates, mouth publicity,door to door marketing,newspaper advertisements,cinema ads,TV ads,Street Hoardings and loudspeaker announcements are the fingers of Traditional marketing and are the best way to approach the audiences. But these fingers approaches to limited domestic and local area audiences.

Elder brother limitations has been removed by younger brother ie. DIGITAL or ONLINE MARKETING. This concept has been an advantage and support to traditional approach. Digital marketing has break the barriers of limited approach to audiences and now use of digital marketing any product, service or any kind of business can reach to every kind of audiences and any part of the world. Both traditional and Digital together plays the remarkable role in marketing.

Webmitra has reach to both kind of marketing but we are mainly working with Digital Marketing. We are waiting to market your business , product or services using fingers of digital marketing like SEO, Adwords, Facebook (Metaverse) , Instagram, Youtube, SMS, Whastapp, Twitter,Email and miscellaneous web platforms like quora, pinterest etc.


SEO or search engine optimization , we can say searching of a record in digital yellow pages database. Like in traditional yellow pages or classified newspaper advertisement, if we need rental services then we directly move onto rental section classified page or yellow pages directory. This too can be further classified as commercial or residential and house, showroom, land etc. This was the basic idea behind the launch of google,yahoo etc search engines. And to retrieve filtered data of different services and products as per search on top pages is known as optimization.

Thus the role of search engine increases in our day to day life and mainly google is the main priority in search engine lists besides yahoo, rediff etc. This is now a biggest trend in world to have their business get listed on top page of Google search results and have a decent google page ranking.

Webmitra is waiting for your order to get listed your business on Google and to other search engines and try its best for decent results while searching. We don’t commit that your business website will result on first page and on top order of google search results as it depends on the keywords used for searching. But we promise to do the best and that will reflects in search engines like google when anyone approaches to your business via appropriate keywords.

Call us, SMS us, Email us and meet us offline or online to have the better idea of our working ethics of SEO.


World has a supreme digital blast with the rise in use of social media platforms. Facebook (meta), Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin along with abundant use of you tube has provided a peak marketing strategies . Appropriate use of functions and features of Social media platforms has a tremendous and remarkable achievement in gaining goals and profits of any business. Maximum population of world is now expend their time on social media platform to access, watch, search, socialize and market. The rise of videos on you tube has given earning platform to many persons.

We at Webmitra not only perform social media optimization but also tries to deliver you better ideas to approach a targeted audience in a professional and budgetary way. Many firms and designers are doing optimizations but what very slightly differentiate us from them is our working methodology and approach.

Webmitra is looking for genuinely those audience only who wants to step on the platforms of social media. We can only try our best to get you decent results.


With the advancement in the field of website designing and development, wordpress has placed itself in the top priority platforms for a decent business website using an optimal and search engine friendly approach. No matter there are too many videos on you tube and too many guides on google that how to develop a website easily in wordpress , common people have learnt and many of them had developed websites of their niche by their own.

But professionalism is a thing that differentiate every regular web developer with these common people. Not us only any web developer will develop with a realistic and consultative approach to develop website in wordpress or even on other platforms.

Webmitra too has experienced development recently in wordpress along with development using programmatically. We on demand only develop a website in wordpress.

Approach us for any kind of website development in wordpress or programmatically using asp.net technology. The ultimate motive or aim of any website developed by us is the requirement fulfilment irrespective of development done on any platform.

MLM- Multilevel Marketing Softwares

Multilevel marketing software or website, a great approach to sale your product or services while distributing or sharing profits with your existing or referral customers. Multilevel marketing or MLM is widely known concept implemented by many businesses directly or indirectly. For example, a product manufactured by factory is sold to distributor and distributor sold it to agency and agency sold it to retailer and finally retailer sold it to consumer. This is a very simple example of indirect MLM concept.

Now running a direct MLM concept needs to follow government rules to legalise that concept. Once your MLM plan is ready and is abide by government rules, you need a software to operate this concept hassle free.

Here comes the webmitra who has the remarkable rise in the field of developing MLM softwares. We had developed more than 30 MLM softwares. But managing a MLM concept and its business for it success depends mainly on the proper management of company owner.

We can try to guide you about the concept and we strongly believe in better software to ease your tensions of this distribution concept. Whether your plan is binary or level or growth or board or matrix or any customized MLM plan we are ready to take the challenge of developing that software.

Don’t wait if you are planning to get develop a MLM software. We are waiting to solve your issues along with the features and functionalities to get integrated in your software. We are confident that we will fulfil your mlm software need although we take time to implement but time taken by us is only due to resolution and wide discussion of your plan only. Call us for your MLM plan discussion.

Seo services in jodhpur

Jodhpur has shown a tremendous growth in online market. Every business in jodhpur is competing its products and services by any means ie. whether offline or online. Jodhpur is known for its handicraft furniture and there are tremendous industries and start-ups here and ever one is interested highly in promoting its business online. This is what the SEO known for.

Buyers and traders across the globe search for varied furniture with varied keywords.Those businesses that have their own website appear within the result pages of Google if that keyword matches in the website. Yes that’s right!!! If you have the proper keyword in your website then chance of getting audience is more. That is the role of SEO expert who analyse and research the proper keywords regarding your business and then optimize your website after your approval.

There are many SEO experts in Jodhpur and webmitra too has step in this field to cater the needs of its prestigious clients. Whether it’s a hotel business, or a travel operator or a tourism sector, SEO is meant for that and many such business operations are successfully making profit using SEO in Jodhpur.

Even medical sector or education sector is booming with the use of Digital Marketing means like SEO, SMO etc. SEO emerged as a key source of profit for exporters. No one can deny this fact that SEO has raised their profitability. Maximum person in Jodhpur who has smart phone is daily searching on Google and that is what results display via SEO. This idiom fits perfectly ,for online marketing, which we used to recite in our childhood, “ East or West SEO is the Best”